Cocktails Perini Navi Style

Cocktails aboard Perini Navi P2

On their return to the docks after a hard day 2 of racing in the Perini Navi Cup owners and their guests took part in the Marchesi Antinori Cocktail Contest on board the yachts.

Yachts were asked to design and present a cocktail in a most original manner.  Judges would mark cocktails by their taste and presentation adding extra marks for the manner in which they were served.

15 yachts entered into the spirt (pun intended) and began shaking (some would say in fear!).  The judges were, after all, enlisted from the ranks of the reporting journalists covering the bi annual Perini Navi superyacht gathering in Porto Cervo.

Fortunately for the judges they did not have to visit every single yacht although several tried to do just that!  Instead they were each invited to visit just three yachts and mark their papers accordingly.

Our personal favourite award went to the crew of P2 for their original Paradise Lost Cocktail an fiery concoction that featured what we know to be the primary elements of Heaven and Hell.  A splendid concoction wittily presented with a great deal of panache.

Who actually won the award will be announced tonight at prize giving

While crews prepared for their real by jury a cocktail party was hosted at Bar Aqua, overlooking the Marina.