Perini Cup Day 2


Today the skies are more grey but winds are stronger and more constant than yesterday which provides for a more exciting day of racing at the Perini Navi Cup 2015, here in Porto Cervo.

P2 stayed on the dock rather than venturing out to watch the day’s racing.  As a consequence there was a scrabble among journalists for places on the seven yachts racing.

We drew a short straw and spent the day on Viriginia the press spectator boat and motored through the fleet taking pictures of each of the yachts competing

At the half way point, the battle was between The Maltese Falcon and yesterday’s winner Rosehearty.  In centre field our hosts of yesterday Clan VIII were slowly overhauling Jasali II with the diminutive Elettra sailing alongside.

Neither Seahawk or Perseus ^3 had shown their true potential at the half way stage and we’re still very much in a race on their own at the back of the pack.

By lunchtime the grey skies were turning blue and the day was putting on a happy face, but the wind was dying.

With our spectator yacht at anchor for lunch it was difficult to follow the race action but news filtered through that once again the course had been foreshortened and just as happened yesterday Rosehearty was first across the line with The Maltese Falcon crossing is second place leaving Clan VIII to cross in third place.

The final results for Race Day 2 are:
1. Rosehearty
2. Clan VIII
3. Maltese Falcon
4. Jasali II
5. Elettra
6. Seahawk
7. Perseus^3