Burak Akgul – Managing Director of Sales, Marketing & Design at Perini Navi


Talking with Burak Akgul – Managing Director of Sales, Marketing & Design at Perini Navi about this the sixth edition of the Perini Navi Cup he said, “I think the most exciting thing for all of us is to see the fleet back out there again two years on.” explains. “Some boats are repeating, some not, but most important to see is the match race between the two 60s, the sloop and the ketch rig.

We have great boats racing, of course not the whole fleet as our motor yacht Exuma would have a bit of difficulty indulging in a regatta, but amongst the 16 we have boats measuring all the way from The Maltese Falcon at 88 metres down to Elettra at 25 metres, going from the very latest of our vessels to boats dating back to the 1980s. So a very exciting opportunity to see our boats, once again, on the water.”

The 50m Exuma, the first Picchiotti motor yacht built by Perini Navi, will also return from a 5 year circumnavigation of the globe to spectate as a special guest during the 2015 Perini Navi Cup as part of the family.

“I think, as in any family, one likes to come together,” concludes Burak Akgul. “The opportunity to come together, for those of the owners who can come together with us, is a draw which apparently is very important for them. Amongst the owners attending here, we even have owners who are here without their yacht which is, again, fantastic.”

The family of Perini Navi yachts in attendance – from race roster to on-the-water spectators – includes:

  • Bayesian, the 56m sloop
  • Clan VIII, 45m sloop
  • Elettra, 25m sloop
  • Ellen, 40m ketch
  • Helios, 45m sloop
  • Jasali II, 52 m ketch
  • Melek, 56m ketch
  • P2, 38m sloop
  • Perseus^3, 60m sloop
  • Principessa Vai Via 40 m ketch
  • Rosehearty, 56m ketch
  • Seahawk, 60m ketch
  • Silvana 56m ketch
  • The Maltese Falcon, 88 m clipper
  • Xnoi, 30m sloop