Sailing In Akademik Ioffe

Harbour seals on Bird Island with with Akademik Ioffe in the background

Designed for polar research, Akademik Ioffe was designed and built as a scientific research vessel in Finland in 1988.

Refitting and refurbishment over the years has oriented her towards her role as an expedition cruise vessel suitable for those hardy enough to venture through the ice to the extreme caps of the planet

Stabilisation uses built-in ballast trimming system where the rapid transfer of seawater ballast between special trimming tanks reduces motion.

Two main engines and twin propellers propel the vessel through polar waters at speeds up to 14.5 knots. Equipped with a bow-thruster and a stern multi-directional propulsion unit, the ship is not only highly manoeuvrable but has a built-in propulsion back up as a result.

The ship’s bridge is located on Deck 6 and is open to passengers virtually 24-hours a day. Binoculars and wildlife identification guidebooks can be found on the bridge and during much of the day, an expedition guide will be watching for wildlife from the bridge.

We are grateful to Destination Canada, Air Canada and ship operators One Ocean Expeditions for kindly hosting us on this trip