Superyacht in Entourage Movie is Named


As a follow up to an HBO TV series a new film has been released entitled Entourage.

The New York newspaper has described the film as a total flop and from what we read, those others who have seen it do not have much good to say about it either.

But many have asked us if we can identify the superyacht that is featured in the movie.

The yacht appears in scene early on in the film and stars as the backdrop for a party in which beautiful people are seen wafting about on deck. The scene depicted the cruisining grounds of the party hot spot of Ibiza was in fact shot in in Key Biscayne and the yacht in question is in real life the 47 metre Usher

Shawn Laird the CA at brokers Northrop and Johnson tells us Usher is one of the very few yachts around that size that can legally charter in Florida waters and she goes on to say that her recent paint job is one of the reasons she looks so good on the cinema screen.