Eco-tourism Opens Up 6 Islands in Andaman Islands Chain

Andamans - LR Ross & Smith Island at Diglipur Andaman

According to ships agent R. Rathnam of Asia Pacific Superyachts in the Andaman Islands, “There’s growing interest in Superyachts visiting the island group and recent news of eco-tourism activities opening in six Andaman Islands is another positive move.”

According to local newspapers, the Government of India has emphasised the importance of tourism as one of the main drivers of speedy economic growth. The Honorable Prime Minister of India has set the agenda to develop 1000 new destinations for domestic and foreign tourists in the near future in the country.

Following this same agenda the Lt. Governor of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands made an announcement that the department of Environment & Forests will try to identify some Islands where eco-tourism/tourism activities may be taken up so as to boost the economic development of Andaman & Nicobar group of Islands and also to find employment for its youth.

The Islands identified for the development of eco-tourism include:

  • Inglis Island
  • Sir Hugh Rose
  • North Button Island
  • Middle Button Island
  • Tarmugli Island
  • Aves Island

All are part of a group of 572 Islands, islets and rocks located in the South East of India in the Bay of Bengal and lie along an arc approximately north-south covering a distance of nearly 800 kilometers.

The emerald beauty of the Andaman and Nicobar islands is slowly opening up their territory to international tourists, offering themselves to ‘high-value-low-volume’ eco-tourism. Floating in splendid isolation, the islands are marching towards becoming one of the most sought-after global tourist destinations.

International cruising yachts have enjoyed the emerald islands for some years and like the short cruising distance from Phuket, Thailand to Port Blair. Upon arrival their crews have been particularly charmed by adventure tourism activities like trekking, island camping, high sea game fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, skiing and wind surfing.