Super Yacht Times – a Good Read in Newspaper Format


From the original team who first brought accurate superyacht reporting to the Internet comes a newspaper that is now appearing in print.

Many suggested when it first appeared that it was a retrograde step but its editors and article authors are proving them wrong!  Its a good read.

Well written, it has now appeared in its third outing and is packed full of interesting articles.  This issue sees less written by Public Relations consultants and as a result feels far less advertorial than many of the other offerings we as an industry are being fobbed off with.

32 pages this issue and a healthy amount of advertising that suggests it has a secure future ahead of it make for a well balanced periodical.  Because it is quarterly the editors have sensibly shied away from news and stuck to insightful features.

It is available by subscription and here again the publishers have found it easy to compete with their peers by making it affordable.

No we don’t write in it because they cannot afford to pay us to do so but that does not stop us saying when a job is well done.