Wines of Tenerife

A selection of wine at Bodega Montje
A selection of wine at Bodega Montje

Unknown by many, although praised by Shakespeare, The award-winning wines of Tenerife are of great quality and were exported to England for over three centuries.

Brought by colonists in the 16th century, Tenerife’s wine production began in Los Realejos, and rapidly developed throughout the island resulting in 106 operational vineyards to date.

Tenerife’s wine-making tradition has generated five Denominations of Origin (produced in five different wine regions), varying from fresh, aromatic whites, to roses, reds, as well as Malvasia-based wines.

The quality, singularity and variety of Tenerife’s wines lies in the barren volcanic soils, the Atlantic Ocean moisture, the various micro-climates and the ancient vines, which have survived thanks to a long pest-free past.

Wine enthusiasts can discover the island’s wine treasures by following wine trails, sampling different varieties at many of the wineries or by paying a visit to “Bodegas Monje” in El Sauzal, a true wine haven set in a restored farmhouse from the 17th century.

Its facilities include a wine cellar, a wine shop, a wine tasting room, a restaurant, exhibitions.

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