Food in Tenerife

Cooking potatoes Canarian style at Bodega Montje
Cooking potatoes Canarian style at Bodega Montje

Potatoes are the star product of Tenerife’s cuisine and are often accompanied by “mojo” sauce, which can also be partnered with fresh fish or meat. They come in many varieties including the “papa bonita” meaning pretty potato, “papa negra”, “papa azucena”, “papa cara” and King Edward (pronounced “quin-e-gua” in the Canarian dialect).

Potatoes originally arrived from America over four centuries ago and have since played a significant role in everyday cuisine. In fact, the island boasts the largest number of potato fields producing ancient varieties in Europe.

Tenerife offers authentic cuisine blessed with an array of intoxicating flavours, varying from coriander-based sauces to red hot pepper-infused cheese.

Several dishes originally created by indigenous people on the island have marked Tenerife’s cuisine, which has evolved into a blend of traditional cooking and innovative culinary creations.

Simple yet delicious, traditional dishes are characterised by their simplicity, quality and freshness of locally-produced ingredients such as fish, pork, goat cheese, tomatoes or bananas.