Top Ten Tips about Driving in Tenerife


Tenerife is more than just Sun Sea Sex and Sangria!

Away from the crowded beaches that surround the island perimeter is a whole new world waiting to be explored.

It’s a very attractive island as soon as you get one mile in shore and there is plenty to see and do.

Getting around is fairly easy and for those who like to use public transport there is a well developed infrastructure of local buses.

We preferred to hire a car and while the roads are narrow, the gradients steep and the hairpin bends tortuous, the experience of driving yourself around is terrific.

Here are our top ten tips about driving in Tenerife

  1. Hire a vehicle without stickers all over it proclaiming you are a tourist in a rental car
  2. Chose a small car, parking spaces are limited and often very small
  3. If you think the hand brake of the car is not up to it, get another car!
  4. Automatic rental cars are hard to find. Book in advance if you must have one.
  5. Avoid driving mountain roads at night unless you are very confident
  6. Avoid motorways at rush hour, their two lanes are often clogged at this time
  7. Use valet parking at popular restaurants otherwise you will never get to eat
  8. Always pull well off the road when stopping to admire the views
  9. Never leave valuables in the car, not even hidden away and locked in the boot
  10. Be brave