Luxury Tenerife

El Tiede from Mirador Cruz del Carmen
El Tiede from Mirador Cruz del Carmen

The island of Tenerife in the Canary Island is not exactly on the Superyacht Milk Run But superyacht owners looking for an upmarket destination to take their yacht to should take a fresh look.

Like us they may be pleasantly surprised at Tenerife. Boasting year round sunshine, beautiful beaches, a rich and varied landscape, UNESCO World Heritage sights, stylish bars, as well as great food and wine, the island offers many four and five-star hotels distributed in very different parts of the island.

With more five-star hotels than Barcelona and more five and four-star hotels combined than in any other destination in Spain, Tenerife is evolving into a stylish and chic destination.

In the past five years many new luxury hotels have emerged in the slightly less frequented areas such as Costa Adeje and Guia de Isora.

The north has also seen its fair share of new five-star properties and as the lesser known, more traditional part of the island, it suits those in search of a setting with little human activity.

With a vast range of styles, you will find hotels inspired by Moorish architecture or Canarian traditional designs, which incorporate wooden balconies and lush vegetation.

The moment a yacht owner arrives on the island, all manner of services are available to guarantee a smooth and pampering experience; limousines, helicopters, yachts, boutique shops, private tours, fine dining, wine tasting.

To ensure quality guidelines are met, Tenerife Tourism Corporation has been running for several years “Tenerife Select”, a brand which encompasses a portfolio of selected hotels and companies.

enerife Select invited us out to the island to sample the food wine and hospitality of some of the better hotels, restaurants and wineries.

In a future feature to be published in Invictus Magazine we will detail how Tenerife is turning away from a Sex Sun and Sangria destination into a yacht stop over that is laden with class