Perini Navi Group delivers Perseus^3

P^3 sea trial 1 by G- Sargentini

The Perini Navi Group, has completed the delivery of Perseus^3, the second yacht in their new generation 60m series and the first sloop.

Designed by Perini Navi naval architects in collaboration with Ron Holland, the design and development of Perseus^3 has been significantly optimized for performance and represents a decisive technical step forward in the group’s 60m series

The yacht features a twin rudder system with innovative twin rudder control system designed by the builder.

The yacht features a carbon bowsprit. The larger downwind sailing areas gained by this feature together with her towering 75m carbon fibre mast and carbon fibre standing rigging allow Perseus^3 to set some of the largest downwind sails in the world.

With a combined area of 10,000 square metres, her sail wardrobe includes:

  • 2 Gennakers
  • 1 Code Zero
  • 1 Reacher
  • 1 Blade
  • 1 Spinnaker Stay Sail
  • 1 working Jib and
  • 1 Main Sail

For the handling and control of this impressive sailing system, the superyacht features the new generation of captive reel winches and furlers. The jib winches pull a maximum load of 30 tons and have a maximum line speed of 40 metres per minute.

Automated Sail Handling Systems, dramatically improve furling and deploy speeds while reducing the tacking and jibing time by over 75% compared to vessels of the previous generation.

During sea trials, Perseus^3 plainly demonstrated her sailing prowess reaching at 16.2 knots in 21 knot winds and beating at over 12 knots in similar winds at apparent wind angles in the high-30’s.