Tender to Match Superyacht

Williams 10th anniversary Turbojet 325

We have heard of tenders being built to match the motorship but seldom do we hear of an owner matching his mother ship to his tender.

But that is what has happened when a customer of Williams Performance Tenders fell in love with the striking metallic appearance of the tender.   It inspired him to specify the design of a subsequent yacht purchase – a Sunseeker Predator 57, sprayed in the same golden silver colour.

It began at the London Boat Show when Williams Performance Tenders showcased a Turbojet 325 – but not just any 325 – it was a special model created to celebrate Williams’ 10th anniversary. Ornamented in a golden silver metallic finish, the tender marked the milestone achievement for the company.

The Sunseeker Predator 57 is currently in production and will be delivered to the customer at the Barcelona International Boat Show later this year.