Pilot Exemption Training for Superyacht Captains

New Zealand Fjiordland

New Zealand as a cruising destination has long been but a dream of many superyacht owners.

Its off the map location, restrictive customs and immigration regulations, lack of press familiarisation trips and the need for Captains to take pilots in many of the country’s most beautiful cruising locations have however all successfully played a part in keeping superyachts at bay.

Superyacht cruising in the country has just received a much needed boost with the news that for the first time it is now possible to undertake a training course to gain a Pilot Exemption Certificate when cruising in some areas.

The area’s remote beauty and unspoilt waters, New Zealand’s Fiordland has long proved a must-do destination for superyachts. But, in recent years, cruising there has been hindered by compulsory pilotage for superyachts in these areas.

This exemption to the pilotage laws, developed in association with Southland’s Regional Maritime division, is available to superyachts through the highly proactive Asia Pacific Superyachts New Zealand (APSNZ).

Over the past 24 months the agent has worked closely with the Southland Regional

Maritime Manager to help develop this programme and clear the way for more superyachts to enter the Fiordland region and cruise with guests without the requirement of a full time on board pilot.