New Zealand Still Trying Vainly to Attract the Cruising Superyachts


New Zealand has seen the arrival of more superyachts this season, than in any previous occasion.

The number is at its highest since the America’s Cup in 2000, and has increased upwards from 37 last year.

While many agencies work to enhance the desirability of New Zealand shores as a cruising destination it is such a disjointed effort that only yachts built in NZ or those seeking a refit while on the way to somewhere else stop to enjoy the country from a cruising point of view.

This is a shame because recently Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) tourism manager Jason Hill said each visiting vessel contributed more than $1m to the economy, and in some cases over $5m.

Common areas of spending included, berthing, and allied services with superyachts undertaking refits typically spending as much as $20m

The target to attract 74 and more superyachts by 2018 is likely to fall well short if the attractions of cruising here in New Zealand are not highlighted in quality media said a well connected person

NZ Marine executive director Peter Busfield said recent law changes allowing superyachts to stay for up to two years and do some chartering had provided another incentive.