Maldives to Gain New Marina


The economy of the Maldive Islands is mainly driven by tourism and the chain of atolls in the Indian Ocean is becoming an increasingly popular destination for yachtsmen.

Every year the country welcomes hundreds of luxury super yachts but until now the lack of marinas has been a drawback

As a result and in order to provide an ultimate tourism experience, it needs to cater to those yachts arriving in the country and one way of doing that is to build marinas.

Locally based tourism consultants SilverCent, has recently signed an MOU with ART Marine of the Middle East to develop a world-class superyacht marina in the country.

ART Marine will support and advising SilverCent during the development phase, and, upon completion, will become the operator and manager of the new luxury yacht marina.

Italian designer Giancarlo Zema will bring to the as yet unnamed resort a marina that is innovative and attractive architecture and which will be totally integrated with the Maldivian culture and the sea.

Ahmed Zuhair, Managing Director of SilverCent, said, “Our Country is mostly water and if we want more boats we have to build marinas to attract them.”

Bruno Meier, the Chief Operating Officer and head of the Marina Division at ART Marine comments “The Maldives is a beautiful country and a fantastic holiday destination. We will also create a unique flavour for this marina in order to make it one of the most sought after destination in the region.”