Fraser Yachts Charter Portfolio


It landed on the door mat with a mighty thwack!  This is no lightweight read!

This years Charter Portfolio from Fraser Yachts lists their finest yachts for charter is a sumptuous book crammed full of images designed to inspire.

The book is far more than a listing of superyachts  It is a veritable compendium of who’s who and where to go written by those who really know their stuff.

Charter brokers who have sailed in the yachts to destinations all over the world have taken to the pages to explain in great detail not only why you should follow in their footsteps but also how.

If just looking at the images is not enough the reader can immerse themselves even more fully by using the book together with a smart phone or tablet to use Aurasma the augmented reality App which allows the viewer to experience what it is like to step aboard some of these yachts.

You can even watch a video by turning to page 9 in the book!  No we are not going to tell you how that is possible!  You need to get the book!

If you cannot wait you can still see the same video by clicking here