Back to the Beginning as N&J Open In NYC


In 1949, Jim Northrop and George Johnson opened the first Northrop & Johnson office in Lower Manhattan at 336 Madison Avenue. There, they developed the philosophy of the Northrop & Johnson gentlemen brokers.

Now the broker will again have an office in this international hub of culture and commerce.

Located off Fifth Avenue, in the heart of New York’s renowned ultra chic luxury shopping area, Northrop & Johnson’s new NYC office will cater to ultra high net worth individuals in New York City, as well as the greater New York area.

Joining the Northrop & Johnson team as head of the New York office and sales broker is Mathias Chouraki.

Mathias previously owned a charter and marketing company in Manhattan. In 2008, he sold his company to become a full-time sales broker. His expertise and intuition make him invaluable to clients when choosing a yacht.