Top travel writers predict Cuba to be the next hotspot


Cuba will become one of the world’s highest profile tourist targets in 2015 following the USA’s thawing of relations after decades of hostility, says the UK’s most influential travel writing group.

Known for its highly educated young people, many now doctors and teachers, plus Havana, and its provocative past, Cuba will draw more and more visitors, intrigued by the changes following President Obama’s return to diplomatic relations.

These are among the findings of a survey of members of the British Guild of Travel Writers, nearly 300 of the UK’s top journalistic commentators on world tourism.

The United States itself is a booming holiday destination, as are less predictably polar regions, and Burma and Korea are countries of mounting interest. China, India and South America are growing fast for tourism – and the travel industry itself is seeking improvements in internet technology, particularly in hotels worldwide.

Favoured destinations also include Africa, the Caribbean and Europe, particularly France and the Greek islands.

The Guild’s writers see activity and adventure holidays, plus arrangements for the increasing number of Over 50s, as particularly important to the future.

Some comment that the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (or LGBT) market is – and will be – expanding – as its a group often with more disposable income than other tourists – and thus often good spenders in higher end resorts.

One of the most significant dates for world travellers in 2015 is Italy’s massive Expo event in Milan – “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. This multi-billion pound six month showcase of how 140 countries are sustaining, advancing and politically handling a bigger and bigger challenge, is expected to be visited by 20 million people during its six months opening between May 1-October 31,

The members, living throughout the UK and the world, all praise the “wonderful experience of waking up to the first day in a new place” – but dislike airports, delays and bureaucracy.   Apart from passport and tickets, most writers take with them a laptop, phone, camera and credit card – plus sunglasses and “an open mind.”

The 55-year-old guild has 270 members in UK and worldwide who write, photograph, edit, broadcast and blog in all types of media including guide books.

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