Want a Bath? Bring Your Own Boots!


We love quirky design, in fact that is why we are here in Milan researching a feature for Invictus magazine.

Every so often we find examples of how good design ideas fail slightly when practise becomes reality.

Such an example came to light when we tried to use the most enormous of Jacuzzi baths in our Junior Suite at The Gray Hotel.

Take a look at the picture and then notice where the taps are. Yes that’s right, they are on the other side of the bath.

So, to fill with water, you first get into the empty bath. Walk to the far side and start the taps running. This is where the boots coming in handy, because unless you have already stripped off, you are going to get your feet wet getting out of the bath again!

So was the bath worth it once we had run it? Oh yes, it was almost a swimming pool, big enough for a whole family and very comfy too. It even has its own TV set into the wall so you can bath and watch at the same time.

Asking housekeeping if they had any tips on how to run the bath without getting your feet wet produced a funny response.

Apparently they sometimes go to clean the room and find that guests have left the bath full of water.

Sluts you’re thinking. Maybe. But unless you thought to empty the bath before you got out and dried your self off, you are out of luck.

Yes, you have guessed the drain is on the other side of the bath as well!