Fancy Fish For Supper? Bring Your Own Can Opener


Tarted up and served up in a side street in Milan, Pisacco is hailed by many as a place to be seen.

Trendy yes but are the management taking those that choose to eat out there seriously?

We were hosted by one of the most helpful of PR’s in our industry and enjoyed our time there with him very much but before we went we chose to read the reviews in Tripadvisor.

The menu it seems offers sardines as a starter. While most dishes give an explanation as to the contents of the dish the description on this item is bare.

Clearly no description is needed because if you order it, that’s what you get; a tin of Sardines you could have bought from the supermarket!

But at least if you ask the waiter will justify the high price of 9 euros for such an item by opening the tin for you.

So you do not really need a tin opener after all!