Sunseeker Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

The story could be billed as a Chinese Gains Indian Takeaway but that would be a little harsh to announce that the Group Marketing Director of Indian owned Jaguar Land Rover has been appointed as CEO of Chinese owned Sunseeker!

World’s First Limousine RIB Tender

A yacht tender is often the first and last impression guests have from a superyacht cruise. Rigid Inflatable Boats have always been popular as superyacht tenders however transporting a large number of guests in protected comfort is a continual challenge.

Palma Pass for Crew Overwintering in Mallorca

The Palma Pass is available for 48 hours (€34) and 72 hours (€41), making it the ideal accompaniment to a weekend break in the city. It can be bought in advance and is automatically activated the first time it is used.