Free Crew Training Seminars


Besides offering free continuous professional development sessions for all crew on yachts participating in the Antigua Charter Yacht show, ACREW will be organizing a series of workshops.

The signature workshops, held by ACREW at 3 locations inside the show, will bring professional development opportunities to the exhibiting captains and crew.

For the first time ever at the Antigua Charter Yacht Show crew will have workshops available to them each morning directly in the marina where they are berthed. Expert workshop facilitators will rotate between Falmouth Harbour Marina, Antigua Yacht Club Marina and Nelson’s Dockyard Marina.

ACREW also offer support and assistance with crew personal development. Their professional development associates JPMA will be on-hand in Antigua to provide career and training advice to crew alongside St James Place & Fund Advisers, trusted financial planning advisers who can help ensure their future is well prepared for.

They partner workshop facilitators are travelling from UK and USA to meet with crew. Their joint aim is to raise the standard of service and safety on-board superyachts by talking to crew in all departments to better understand where they would most value support and enhanced learning.

The selection of workshops to be delivered in Antigua has been designed in answer to what crew need.

Not only are the workshops free for crew but all registered crew will also have their names put in to a prize draw to win a private 2-hour kite surfing lesson in Antigua courtesy of 40Knots.

The 3 workshops available to crew are:

Testing & Treatment of ‘The Diesel Bug’

Facilitated by Oliver Rumford-Warr, of Fuelcare.

This discussion will highlight how to correctly sample, test and treat microbiological contamination (bacteria & fungus) commonly found in bunkering fuels across Europe & the Americas. The workshop will also focus on the issues and costs of not dealing with this problem, how prevention is always preferable to cure and the options available for Superyachts engineers, as well as some of the treatments available. As part of the workshop engineers will learn how to visually analyse their fuel samples, how to sample from tanks in the correct manner for microbial growth and also discuss how the introduction of biofuels (FAME) and reduction in sulphur content in fuels will likely increase the frequency of this contamination. The workshop is primarily for superyacht engineers or any other interested parties connected to the bunkering of middle distillate fuels aboard large vessels.

Team Dynamics Workshop:

Enhance how you and your team can work more effectively

Facilitated by Rose Jolis

Understanding your team dynamics is crucial for success. Find out how you and your team cooperate on-board through the FEBI assessment to jump-start your charter season. Leading coach to superyacht crew Rose Jolis will apply the FEBI (Focus Energy Balance Indicator) assessment to address crew their profiles, preferred style of working and common work behaviours. Understanding these profiles and patterns allow crew members to investigate how they can better work together as a happy and effective team.

On board Fire Fighting

All you wanted to know and were afraid to ask

Facilitated by Steve Monk of Da Gama

This workshop is designed to provide an overview of the means by which to achieve a safe and competent standard within the crew of operational vessels and in particular, those emerging from refit, with the ability to deal with fires and other emergencies necessary to provide protection or the safe evacuation of guests and crew at all times.

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