ISM Auditor Course Specifically for Superyachts


The two day ISM auditor courses available for those involved in commercial shipping spend tedious amounts of time explaining the inert gas systems and refrigerated freight containers to be found in that fleet.

Valuable yes, but not if your sole task is to audit ISM on board Superyachts.

A course to be run by Watkins Superyachts in early January aims to dispel the myth that there need only be one type of course and is offering attendees the opportunity to gain an understanding of just how simple ISM compliance can and should be on a large yacht.

Watkins Superyachts run a two-day course aimed at any Captain, Officer or crew member who is either new to ISM, requires a refresher, or simply wishes to add to their existing knowledge.

At the end of the course attendees will have achieved a number of aims:

  • The confidence to become an active contributor in the yachts’ safety management system
  • The skill to carry out internal audits of your own yacht (and perhaps even external audits of someone else’s)
  • The ability to challenge auditors, surveyors, managers and consultants who can sometimes use skill and experience for their own ends

Key Content

  • Objectives of the ISM Code
  • History
  • Certification
  • Definitions
  • Risk assessment
  • Design of a Safety Management System
  • The principles and practice of auditing – internal and external
  • The stages of an audit
  • Audit preparation
  • Audit scope
  • Audit program
  • Reporting an audit

All participants will obtain a certificate on completion. Further courses can also be arranged for complete crews on board or ashore, tailored to individual needs. The cost is £700 per head, which will include light refreshment and lunch.

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