Forget Giga, Mega and Superyacht – Here Comes Yachtmax


Suezmax Tankers can typically carry about 1 million barrels of crude oil and are so named because they are the largest oil tankers capable of transiting the Suez Canal while fully laden.

These colossal dimensions have been taken in by Motion Code Blue an Austrian yacht design company who have used them to create a concept that they are calling Imara a name based on the Arabic word for Emirate.

If built she would have a staggering LOA of 280 metres a beam of 57 metres and a total of 11 decks, with a hull shape based on the dimensions of a Suezmax tanker. According to the designers, this would make her the world’s biggest yacht.

Considered a trendsetter in terms of yacht design the talented group have generated and pushed many trends in modern yacht design since its foundation back in 2009. Standing for Austrian design quality, most advanced and yet acceptable design solutions are their strengths

Their thinking behind the concept was to improve the aesthetics of nowadays oil tankers by developing a private tanker based yacht with emphasis to the preferences of Middle East clients who are willing to show their national pride & their countries resources by using a modified and up cycled oil tanker as private luxury floating residence

They have even come up with a new name for the size of yacht believing that terms like Giga, Mega or Superyacht no long fit when this extra ordinary project is considered.

So they invented a new yacht category based on common tanker categories called YachtMAX which characterise tanker sized yachts beyond 200M.

The raised fore deck would be dedicated to host 3 large heli pads 2 of drop into a helicopter hangar located directly underneath the pads. This would give the yacht the capability of carrying five choppers 2 in the hangar, 3 on the heli deck above.

Another feature will be the large atrium located amidships right above the wet garages and beach clubs. It stretches over 4 decks and generates imposing views from all angles to the wet garages below, where tender and toys can be operated easily through 4 side hatches (2 on each hull side), each 15M wide. Tender up to 90 ft can be docked in the yachts hull or can drive through the whole hull, thanks to the 2 side hatches on both starboard and port side. Around the atrium, several lounges, restaurants, bars & shops can be found. On the main deck, a huge pool with integrated bar, palm trees and a 4 deck high water fall are located around the atrium.

The yacht is expected to be so huge that getting around it all might be a problem. So much so that the designers have ensured that all deck areas are accessible via custom painted BMW i3 electric cars. Several car lifting platforms and wide corridors on all decks guarantee fast transportation to any point of the yacht for the crew and the guests.