To Big For Her Boots?


In every major sea disaster the evacuation of the passengers from the stricken ship has been the time when most lives are lost. The recent Sewol ferry disaster in South Korea being perhaps the most horrific in recent times.

Before that there was Costa Concordia with 4,252 passengers and crew aboard on the occasion of her capsize off Isola del Giglio in 2012.

Further back in time RMS Titanic carried 2,207 passengers and crew when she encountered the iceberg that cut short her maiden voyage.

So my question is what have the owners and operators of the massive passenger liner Oasis of the Seas carrying over 6,000 passengers and 2,300 crew done to ensure that, if disaster strikes, the Captain, his officers and the crew can not only save themselves, but also the passengers who have paid good money to be on board?

I love ships and the sea but I cannot help but worry that this is a ship that is a little too big for her boots

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