Bond Offers Clients Free Limo Transfer at MYS

Will Faimatea

“Knowing first-hand how busy the Monaco Yacht Show is for everyone, Will Faimatea a Director of Bond Technology Mastermind is providing superyacht owners and existing clients with a limousine car service to and from their hotel or other locations within Monaco for meetings with the team during the Show.

“We want to make sure we can offer existing clients as well as new ones an efficient and convenient way to meet with our team during the Show.

As technology management and technical solutions providers the company will be introducing a new meeting hub concept at its stand QP18 during the Monaco Yacht Show,

Visitors to the Show will be able to plan tailored meetings with specialists in superyacht technology and communications from Bond TM’s offices in Monaco, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Barcelona and Mallorca.

Founded in 2006 by Faimatea, a superyacht ETO with 14 years’ operational experience, the Bond TM team has grown to over 35 experts in their field, located in six offices across key superyacht hubs in Europe and Australia. The company has in its staff the industry’s most extensive knowledge base in its field, with over 100 years of combined operational experience, spanning technical aspects with an overview of all the major integrators in the yacht industry.

Meetings can be scheduled or initiated by those who drop by the stand QP18

To arrange an appointment with founder Will Faimatea click here,