Mother of All Beach Bars is Father Rooster

Father Rooster sign above the old farmhouse building

The place where Hemmingway would have hung his hat and the bar that Buffet could write songs about if this were the Caribbean, Father Rooster is a beachfront bar and restaurant on Octatel Beach.

The location less than 100 yards from the water and scenery combined with good food with plentiful glasses of frozen drinks makes it one not to miss.

Stop by and watch the sun slip under the horizon in a gap between the mainland and a small offshore island Locals and tourists alike sit side by side sipping cocktails, eating fresh Mahi-mahi and Tuna grilled, tucked into tacos or marinated in lime juice and cilantro as Ceviche while watching the sunset over the Pacific.

Those who are brave will ask for Tica Linda, a potent cocktail made with “guaro cacique,’’ the local sugar-cane liquor, with orange and lime juice.