30th Anniversary Edition of the Annual Berlitz Cruise Guide to be Published October 1st


In the approach to Cruise Week (27th September – 5th October 2014), Publishers Berlitz heralds the 30th anniversary edition of Douglas Ward’s annual bible of cruising, the 2015 Berlitz Cruising & Cruise Ships.

Beloved of those who cruise or plan to do so this is book is also much valued by those who interest lies in travel by sea

To be published in the UK on 1st October (£18.99) – this is the most important guide book for those 22-plus million people worldwide that will book a cruise next year.

Within this special anniversary edition, Ward a former hairdresser who worked for many years as such in the industry gives the lowdown on his own favourite cruise experiences over the last 30 years – a bucket list of what is sure to become the do-before-you-die cruise experiences.

So thorough is his investigation each year that the guide sets the internationally recognised ratings system for 270 cruise ships in the world making the author the most feared passenger in the business.

Ward has completed over 6,000 days at sea, participated in more than 1,000 cruises, 158 transatlantic crossings, and countless Panama Canal transits, shipyard visits, ship-naming ceremonies and maiden voyages.

He leaves no stone unturned for up to 200 sea days each year, examining everything from the fluffiness of the towels to the quality of the china and silverware, and from the welcome aboard to the disembarkation process.

However he makes no mention of what flags a ship flies, safety equipment or crew training standards and as such still leaves the passenger having to make enquires into such matters them selves

It is the only completely independent handbook on the subject but is not only for holidaymakers: cruise industry executives, travel agents and crew members also find it an good resource of comparative information.

Its strength lies not only in the annually updated, independent and candid reviews of the cruise ships but the warts-and-all advice on every possible aspect of cruising, whether budgeting families, singles, older travellers or honeymooners.

The guide doesn’t only point readers to the right cruise, but it helps with the cabin choice too. For example, some ‘private balconies’, while expensive to book, are not so private, and mattress sizes vary enormously too, depending upon whether the cruise ship is British, European or from the US/Canada.

Other highlights of the guide include:

  • Tips on getting the best value for money
  • A list of extra-cost items on board to look out for
  • Information that the brochures just don’t include
  • A comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of the minor cruise lines
  • All the new ships that are to debut in 2015
  • What to expect from on board entertainment and spas
  • This year’s star performers and Top 5 ships in each of 12 ‘Best in Class’ categories