The Fastest Way to Find Superyacht Crew Gets a Lot Faster!

The on line crew job portal JF Recruiting is being revamped this September, offering additional services to recruiters and to crew members searching for jobs.

The site was originally built because its founder, Jonathan Franklin believed technology could produce a simple and efficient way to find and evaluate crew
In the 11 years since then the web site has offered recruitment services to Captains, Management companies.
On average, there are about 11 000 visitors from 156 countries browsing every month. The database holds over 34 000 CVs at and any one time and the ever changing face of technology has driven the need to rebuild the Web site.
This new version will include many new features to enable recruiters to better select, evaluate and contact potential candidates.
The steady growth in mobile phone use has driven the most important of these changes. Currently over a third of users visit the site using a mobile telephone or tablet. Making mobile access fast and easy enables crew to check and apply for positions directly from their telephone, speeding up responses to job postings.
For recruiters the improvements are:
  • Better selection with rebuilt filters and algorithms to improve candidate suitability.
  • Improved evaluation with key data points such as work history displayed, this enables employers to quickly evaluate candidates at a glance.
  • Faster contact where Employers are given the ability to group contact potential candidates, saving time.

Even other Crew Agents have found the service useful.  In any one year approximately 10 crew agencies or management companies post around 2,000 positions onto the Jobs Board
Crew agents will now have their own section with additional features. The most powerful will enable agents to automatically post their positions to the Recruiting Jobs Board, including showing their own company logo.