Beken of Cowes Yachting Archive is For Sale

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Beken of Cowes, probably the world’s most famous name in marine photography, a name that sits comfortably alongside the artists Constable & Turner as a great British brand.

Beken’s work in the country’s maritime and artistic history and its undoubted quality is recognised by its Royal Warrant.

Now the Beken Collection, which is inextricably entwined with several generations of Britain’s nautical prowess, tracking the way the British disport themselves on the water since 1888, is for sale.

This collection of over a million images, which ranges from the era of 12” x 10” glass plates, to today’s digital images, is a “national treasure” that can go on earning its keep for many more generations.

Sailors and power-boaters of every status, from weekend warriors to household names like Knox-Johnson and MacArthur, along with many of the crowned heads of Europe, have crossed the threshold of the famous business in Cowes to buy the legendary images that three generations of Bekens have produced.

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Over the years three generationa of Beken, Frank, Keith and Kenneth have produced over twenty books, and for the last forty years the world famous Beken Calendar

They have recorded all the major events on their home stretch of water, the famous Solent, and also travelled the world to many renowned regattas like the America’s Cup, the Tall Ships Race, offshore powerboat races and the Olympics.

Now after spending over 40 years afloat with his camera, Ken Beken is ready to retire, and this window on nearly 200 years of British maritime history is for sale.

As well as a unique and irreplaceable archive of images, this is a current and working business, still supplying photographs of the ongoing world of sailing and powerboating.