Alternative Health and Beauty Tips and Treatments

Pharmacist Dave Harcombe has compiled a list of top tips for alternative holiday health and beauty tips and treatments that are freely available around the world.

He did so for Silver Travel Advisor the travel review and advice Web site uniquely created for older travellers.
With that mature traveller in mind, he has come up with top tips for easily found natural beauty remedies for those who forget to pack essential beauty items or struggle to take sufficient bottles, creams and lotions through airport security.
They also make act as a useful reminder for those cruising off the beaten track far away from the pharmacy.
Forgotten the toothpaste?
Fresh, sliced strawberries rubbed onto the teeth removes plaque and discoloration. Dentures can be soaked overnight in white vinegar.
Tomatoes, aloe, lemon and toothpaste are all spot on
Holiday spots can be banished by dabbing on tomato juice, aloe vera or sliced lemon. Or if you’ve found your toothpaste, dab a little onto the spot.
The eyes have it
Reduce puffy eyes and dark circles by applying chilled, sliced raw potato on closed eyes for 10 minutes. A cooled can of coke, bottle of water or chilled spoon applied beneath the eyes also works well.
Pig of a stye?
To alleviate the swelling and soreness out of a stye warm up a gold ring and press gently on the swollen area. Urine dabbed on carefully is also said to have a positive medicinal effect.
Nail It.
Improve the look of finger and toe-nails by soaking them in lemon juice, then massage with olive oil. Fungal infections can be banned by soaking nails in white vinegar for 15 minutes three times daily.
Hairs and graces
Massage mayonnaise or natural yoghurt into the scalp, wrap in a towel wrap then wash out after 30 minutes. Soaking hair with Coca Cola will dissolve chewing gum. For dandruff, dry scalp or frizzy hair massage olive oil into the scalp, leave overnight then wash thoroughly.
Skin-ny tipping
Add fresh lemon juice to a glass of water at breakfast to maintain a clear skin. Soothe skin inflammation with raw potato or aloe vera (snap the leaf and apply the liquid). Mix olive oil and baking soda for an effective skin scrub and moisturiser and can be applied with a gentle circular motion. For sparkling skin mash a melon or a few grapes or a banana (or a mix of all three) and leave on the face for 30 minutes.
Banish wrinkles
Grated potato and whipped cream left to dry on the face reduces the appearance of wrinkles, or whisk an egg white until frothy and dab on, the egg tightens the skin as it dries.
Down under
Smear natural yoghurt to the nether regions to help alleviate and cure vaginal irritation
Handy tips
Pineapple juice is a great hand scrub.
Natural deodorant
Sliced cucumber rubbed onto the skin is an effective deodorant and keep feet smelling fresh by rinsing in freshly brewed and cooled tea (or vinegar).

Achy feet? Roll each foot over a can or bottle of water. For a good skin detox and to open pores, run a warm bath and add shavings of ginger or Epsom Salts. Lie back and enjoy.

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