Where Will MYBA Charter Show Go Next?

With the news that MYBA have given the required 24 month notice to Genoa Charter Show managers Pesto speculation is running hot with suggestions as to where it will end up next.

Confirming the notice period MYBA Show Chairman Jacqui Lockhart told TheHoworths.com that Genoa could still be the host city after this contract runs out in 2016.  She said, “Pesto will have an opportunity to tender for management of the show along with everyone else, but the committee does feel it is time for a change of venue.”

Newly appointed MYBA Chairman Fiona Maureso said that anywhere along the coast would be considered but she did concede that the availability of dock space and nearby hotel accommodation would be limiting factors.

MYBA recently put its name behind the Palma superyacht show whose dates have clashed with the Genoa show and this has led to speculation that Palma might be a possible location.  It however suffers from bringing an island with limited access.  Barcelona has been suggested but given the attitude of Spain towards chartering it is unlikely to gain massive support among the MYBA membership.

Antibes with its springtime show a shadow of its former self and considered by many this year to have been the worst in its short history has also been muted as a possible successor to Genoa.

Top favourite among charter brokers we spoke to seems to be Malta with the Camper & Nicholson Grand Harbour playing host.