Are the British Pricing Themselves Out of The Superyacht Market?

There was a time when every yacht docked stern to at the Genoa Charter Yacht Show flew the British Red Ensign and was represented by one of the four British based yacht marketing companies.

Back then yachts were commanded by British Captains holding certificates of competency they had earned and they in turn, hired a crew from the British commonwealth.

That all seems to have changed and industry commentators who, like us, care about the industry have to ask why the change has occurred.  Others of course worried by the reaction of would be advertisers, dare not even ask the question.

So we are asking:

  • Is it that the charter industry is loosing its charm and fewer owners want to place the floating homes out to rent?
  • Is it that the big four lost their grip on the market and others spotting the opportunity for the quick buck set up shop more cheaply
  • Is it that British crews are demanding too much money and being undercut by Captains who have paid the British Government to issue them a certificate of equivalency so that they can command a British flagged yacht?
  • Or maybe it is the Red Ensign registries who no longer offer value for money to a SuperYacht owner seeking a flag under which to register his new yacht?
  • Or maybe it is nothing quite so sinister and it is in fact just a general evolution of the charter yacht industry that has never really recovered from the effects terrorism has installed into world travellers and would be charterers.

Feel free to comment we would love to have your views