New App Enables Price Comparison and Ordering of Bunkers

A new app for iPad and iPhone gives superyacht crews a simple way to decide where and when to take on fuel.
The BunkerBuoy app lets users compare the current prices of fuel from the industry’s leading suppliers and place an order in a few clicks, giving the customer control and ensuring the most efficient and economical purchase every time.
The process for users is simple: download the free BunkerBuoy app from the Apple App Store and register the yachts details.
Once the yacht information is verified, enter the location, the quantity of fuel needed, and the preferred date and time to fill up.
All the fuel suppliers in the designated region will be instantly notified, and will send their prices to the device.
Review the available options, then select the preferred offer and details will be sent to the supplier, who may make contact to finalise the details and ensure a smooth transaction.
Features include an Instant Chat capability, as well as options for the supplier to make a second offer, and for the yacht to make a speculative ‘indication only’ enquiry for purely budgeting purposes.

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