Chocolate Lovers Charter Week Bolt on Event

Here is a great idea for chocolate loving charter guests to bolt on a week of vacation before or after a week of chartering a yacht in Grenada
In most instances chocolate comes already wrapped up, however, for consumers’ conscious of where their chocolate comes from, Grenada’s Chocolate Week, a week-long celebration of all things chocolate, could be the holiday experience they’re looking for.
The week aims to provide visitors with a real insight into the source and production of the raw ingredient, along with fun classes and presentations, as well as unusual events; ranging from cocoa inspired fashion shows; chocolate cocktail happy hours, chocolate tempering and truffle making classes and even chocolate themed yoga!
A daily offering of things to do and see will be available throughout the island, with Mount Cinnamon’s seven-night chocolate themed experience running alongside.
Peter de Savary’s Mount Cinnamon Resort & Beach Club offers discerning guests the ultimate Caribbean resort experience. 22 suites and villas provide spacious accommodation, all with magnificent garden settings, offering undisturbed privacy.

Overlooking the undulating Grand Anse Beach, intuitive staff caters to every whim, ensuring an unforgettable holiday from beginning to end.
Besides the indulgence and decadence side of chocolate, there will be a more informative message, with organizers aiming to impart an understanding of the whole fair-trade chocolate process.
Excursions to cocoa farms and chocolate factories will be organized, where one can see coco pods harvested and produced to the finished product – the Grenada Chocolate Company which is readily available in the UK and is gaining a real following amongst chocolate aficionados, is one of Grenada’s most famous exports!
For guests who prefer to offset their chocolate consumption with exercise, a relaxing yoga session, while sipping cocoa tea, rounded off with a special chocolate themed breakfast, is guaranteed to be a unique experience. Good quality Grenadian chocolate contains high amounts of antioxidant flavonoids, so there are health benefits too!

Throughout the week, Mount Cinnamon will embrace the whole chocolate theme with cocoa inspired dishes on the menu, chocolate spa treatments in the Cinnamon Spa, and a cooking competition down on the beach with Andrew Sloley the resort’s head chef, followed by a Bonfire, with signature Grenadian Chocolate Smores.
Price starts from US$4150 (£2,463) plus 10 per cent service and 10 per cent VAT, in a one-bedroom suite, based on two people sharing.

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