Farewell Old Friends You Have Served Me Well

I believe it is always sad to throw away a pair of shoes especially ones you like.

So it is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to a beloved pair of deckshoes from Chatham

They have served me well first as my smart pair then when I bought their replacement they were demoted to everyday wear which is when I find the love affair with shoes begins.

Eventually as a new shoe joins the line they get demoted again from that special spot and become garden shoes not fit to be seen in everyday life.

I have always worn Chatham shoes and so long as they keep making them like they do I think I always will.

So what have I replaced them with?  Well I have gone all trendy and found my self wearing a very fashionable new and somewhat colourful shoe that is so comfortable even though it is new.

It is called the Compass G2 Deck shoe and I have chosen the navy and red to go with jeans and dark blue chinos.

Not only are the soft and easy to wear they look pretty cool too.