Yachting Partnership Opens up the Norwegian Fjords

Superyacht owners seeking to understand what unique experiences the Norwegian Fjords can offer will be interested to learn that Nord Ship Agency, a specialist superyacht agent has joined forces with Heritage Adventures to offer customised tours to sailors, guests and families visiting Norway.
The co-operation means that Nord Ship Agency can work with Captains and visitors to offer an onshore or offshore activity program.  Tours can be customised to cover different parts of Norway, from World Heritage Sites to specific villages and farms, and from short group adventures to multi-day independent tours.
Hans Christian Braarud of Nord Ship Agency explained to Yachting Pages, “We are very excited about this partnership.  Heritage Adventures is one of the best travel companies in Norway.  They have the knowledge and experience to give our customers excellent service, which is important to us.
The fjords are a natural beauty and one of the best ways to explore them is to cruise the waters and this is where we come in.”
“We want visitors to have the opportunity to go mountain hiking, fishing, cycling, on guided glacier walks and more. 
Nord Ship Agency is a general yacht agent that can assist with entry clearance, custom procedures, immigration, port berths, accommodation, transportation, spare parts and freight forwarding, bunkering and general guidance and support, working with captains, charter companies and yacht builders.
Hans Christian has been working with yachts in Norway for 14 years; when talking to Yachting Pages he added, “We specialise in superyachts and are 100% focused on our customers, which is why we continue to build relevant local partnerships.  We have a good relationship with the authorities and service companies in ports throughout Norway and our co-operation with Heritage Adventures shows that we are prepared to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients.”

Nord Ship Agency is working with Yachting Pages Media Group including the Super Yacht Owners Guide to expand its reach in the superyacht sector.