Who Says you Cannot Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Having been started in 1816 during the time that clipper ships ruled the wave, Hodgdon is America’s oldest boat builder.

Just because they have history it does not follow that they are stuck in the dark ages and to prove it the yard just announced the successful infusion of a 100ft carbon fibre hull mould.

The mould will be used to a pre-preg a carbon hull that is one of the largest single hull infusions ever done in the USA and one of only a handful of this scale worldwide.

The hull is to be completed as a racing sailing boat and will when complete be the biggest US built sail racer ever infused.

Her owners name is secret just now as the name of her skipper but readers would immediately recognise the names if we were to be indiscreet (which we never would be).
Hodgdon is a fifth generation family run company and is still located in the heart of Maine’s famed boatbuilding Boothbay Region company.  Over the years by learning new tricks it has evolved into a leader in advanced composite construction while maintaining exceptional skills for world class traditional and modern interiors.
“The amount of planning, organization and coordination required to effect this successful work is formidable” noted Tim Hodgdon, President of Hodgdon Yachts adding,  “Our talented team continues to strengthen our core competence in advanced composites”.
The company’s divisions include high end superyacht interiors (up to 80M), custom sail and power yacht construction (up to 60M), defence contracting and custom superyacht tenders.

The company currently employs over 150 employees, most of whom are skilled and highly skilled labour. These and other contracts are putting pressure on Hodgdon to hire additional skilled labour.