Superyacht charters to be offered to 350,000 holidaymakers alongside villa and resort breaks

Within the superyacht industry discussions have run hot since 2008 about the viability of the industry model. While the top end of the market is seeing exponential increases in size of new builds, pointing to a healthy market, at the opposite end of the fleet, there’s a scoop of smaller, aging yachts battling for guests.

Now OceanScape Yachts has decided to do something about it introducing an idea so simple that one has to ask why it has never been done before
The company has partnered with a Canadian-based online travel marketplace, which specialises in the booking and sharing of luxury properties. 350,000 members regularly book through the site; those members will now have superyachts marketed to them alongside land-based breaks.
The benefits are multi-level. Superyachts gain access to slick marketing, a committed new market with proven buying power and the support of a savvy marketing partner.
Consumers benefit by booking breaks through a trusted platform, loyalty benefits, and the easy ability to compare villas, resorts and superyachts. The portfolio of properties and yachts is carefully vetted to ensure high quality across the board.
The value to the yacht is real and immediate. With a captive audience of 350,000 potential guests who have proven the ability and desire to book high-end, quality breaks, the yacht’s marketing capability increases exponentially.
The approach allows both consumer and provider to take advantage of the collaborative economy. Owners increase the value they get out of their assets through the ability to sell empty nights quickly to a captive online audience, making better use of excess capacity.

The introduction of this new marketing platform to the superyacht industry targets that bell curve of yachts, opening up a new, receptive audience for them with the aim of increasing their volume of bookings.