Double First as Superyacht Owner Sails Across Atlantic

It is not often that the owner of a superyacht actually sails across the Atlantic in his own yacht.  

Builders of yachts seldom get that opportunity either so when the owner and builder of a superyacht takes to the oceans for a long passage it’s a story worth telling!
Beautifully constructed of cold moulded wood epoxy by Arkin Pruva in Antalya, Turkey, Tempus Fugit, the first in the line of Tempus Yachts designed by Humphreys Yacht Design of Lymington, UK, is on her way from the Canary Islands heading for Antigua in the Caribbean.
Erbil Arkin, not only owns the boat but he owns the shipyard that built her and he is on board for the crossing.
He told us: “This will be a double first – first for my yacht and a first for me, I am really excited to be making her maiden crossing with her as it has been one of my life long ambitions to sail across the Atlantic. She is a joy to sail and a joy to sail on and I look forward to landfall in Antigua in 14 to 16 days time”
Designer Rob Humphreys whose firm also handles the marketing of the new class of yacht said, “Her stunning looks and outstanding turn of speed round the race track has impressed all who sailed on her and all who have seen her.”

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  1. Always great to hear of owners going across the pond on their yachts, as I think it really opens the eyes of what ownership is all about. Being out on the sea and away from all the craziness of business can be quite eye opening. Let go of what you think you know and be open to all that you do not.

    My first crossing I got to see breaching wales, caught a 75 lb yellow fin tuna, wondered if we were going to be stuck with a trisail up forever, learnt the wonderful art of celestial navigation and was gob smacked on sighting English Harbour for the first time.

    I only wish more captains would encourage their owners to do a crossing on their own yacht. If you add all of this with the feeling of being the owner of such a wonderful yacht as you enter your first port of call after two or three weeks at sea I think you truly see the reason of why superyacht ownership is so special.

    Thanks Michael.

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