Underwater Drop Camera is Handy Tool for Superyacht Maintenance

Regarded as London’s best-equipped spy shop, Spymaster (the trading name of Communications and Surveillance Systems Limited) is to market a gadget for anyone who spends time on or below the water.
The company’s Underwater Drop Camera can provide video and illumination at a depth range of up to 60m.
The camera is suited for multiple applications, including superyacht maintenance, viewing diving sites and fishing grounds, marine security and wildlife videography, as well as general underwater exploration and recreational filming.
It can be used to view a hull or prop, or they could lower the device over an anchor to check the suitability of the ocean bed and whether the anchor has set correctly.
The camera is supplied with a 60m coil of cable through which the video image is relayed to the surface and then depicted on a portable high resolution video monitor.
Designed to work in most natural aquatic environments throughout the world, the drop camera is capable of working in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 50°C.
Able to operate effectively in difficult, rough conditions with limited light, the camera housing contains 9 white LEDs that cast an illuminating beam which allows the device to capture objects up to 6 metres away at depth, at night or in gloomy conditions.
A toughened waterproof flight case ensures protection in even the roughest waters.
Housed within a pressure treated, waterproof submersible it comes with a tapered aerodynamic fin and an adjustable weight to control the angle of the camera.
The complete drop camera kit contains the camera, cable, remote control, connecting cables, monitor, instruction manual and toughened flight case. A rechargeable battery, which provides power for between 4 to 8 hours, is also included for £250 (+VAT)