Escape the Pirates in St. Thomas on a Self-Guided Bike Tour

Loved by Captains of superyachts cruising the Virgin Islands St Thomas in the USVI has two superyacht marinas each with its loyal following of Captains.
The island is a good place to store up locally and aside of the fact that it is swamped with Cruise ship passengers during the day the island can be fun if you can get away from the crowds.
One way to get away from the crowds is by bike but beware of the Pirates!
Cap’n Logan Earbeard
Cap’n Logan Earbeard (President of the St. Thomas Pirates Association) of Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas has been vocal in his disdain for the new bike tour in St. Thomas.  “If ye be comin over to de island, y’ud be wise to stay away frum de bike tour.  If ye know what’s gud for ye.” 
Apparently, the local pirate population is unhappy with the fact that, among other things, people on bikes are not as easy to catch.  The pirates have enjoyed 400 years of pillaging in St. Thomas and it appears that the new bike tour may make things a little less hospitable for the pirates.
A pirate that wished to remain anonymous stated, “De cruise ships bring de unwitting travelers right to us.  Ye can’t get off yarr ship without us assailin ya!”  He was most likely referring to cruise ship passengers that are met by throngs of tour operators, taxi drivers and retailers hawking their wares as passengers step off the ship.
The bike tour, which is located right next to the cruise ship dock, allows cruise ship passengers to grab a bike and explore historic downtown Charlotte Amalie and Frenchtown.  Priced at only $25 for adults and $20 for kids, the bike tour is the easiest and most leisurely way to enjoy St. Thomas.  You can even bike to one of the prettiest beaches on St. Thomas, Lindberg Beach.
A map is provided that leads bikers to many of the famous landmarks and points of interest of this beautiful island oasis.
A company called Loud Rooster offers the self-guided bike tour in St. Thomas.  It is the first company in the history of St. Thomas to take the pirates on.  We only hope the bikes survive long enough for people to experience this unique island experience.  So, make sure to call first to reserve your bike, because the pirates tend to do terrible things when someone crosses them! 
Or as Rupert Drake, the Dirty said, “Us pirates, don’t like bikes.  Arrrrgh.”