Travelling With Iberia? Bring Your Own Food!

If you will take our advice we suggest you pack your carry on bag of food if you are planning to travel in economy class with Iberia Airlines.

On our 13 -1/2 hour daytime flight from Madrid to Santiago Chile we were expecting to take lunch and dinner. 

We got lunch it is true but having tried it I confess it was the most in edible offering I have ever experienced on an airliner and I travel a lot

Meatballs were of unknown content, actually i am not sure I want to know what they were made of as they tasted very odd and extremely bland.  Driven by hunger I ate the first one and then in awe tried another but hungry as I was, one ball was more than too much.

The tomato sauce covering the four small meatballs was ok but it is after all hard to ruin that.  I think it might have been reconstituted mashed that accompanied the delightful main course but it is hard to be sure as it had no taste at all.

Dessert was a very strange concoction that had a vaguely chocolate coloured covering in the bottom of the bowl with a cookie plonked in the middle. I made no attempt even to try it though I did poke the cookie with my spoon because I was curious about it.

One poke was enough! It was soft, very strange.  

The small salad side dish that came in the same tray was at least edible but there again can anyone ruin lettuce?

I drowned my sorrow in a very rough mini bottle of red wine, not really wise on an empty stomach but I wanted something to help me have a nap!
Count the E Numbers in that Lot!

5 hours later, at 8pm Madrid time, a tea time snack was brought round.  Three half pieces of white plastic bread placed on top of one another with something thin squashed between them.

The plastic wrapper it arrived in was so inflated it looked as if it must have given off some sort of toxic gas.  I made no attempt at opening the offering, I prefer not to live too dangerously.
Then of course came the highlight of the flight, the gala departure dinner served, just hours from touch down with such flair as to come in its own cardboard box.  Hopefully the picture will do it justice because strangely for writers, words have failed us!
What must be said in the interests of reporting fairly is that the staff on board the flight made the ordeal bearable.

Their good humour and desire to serve and please was an example many other airlines should mimic.

And even they told us they would not eat the food served to economy class passengers!

Note to self for return flight:
  1. Pack carry on bag with food
  2. Buy external battery pack for ipad
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