A Breach of the Trade Descriptions Act Maybe?

Book a flight with British Airways and you expect to get the type of service that the former worlds favourite airline was famous for.  But not anymore!

It turns out that, increasingly, British Airways take your money, book your flight, check you in, issue the boarding pass, handle your baggage and then pass you off onto a second rate airline who have to charge passengers for drinks and snacks otherwise it will not make any money.

This happened on two of our most recent flights with the worlds once favourite airline.

The first was to Ibiza were the second leg of the flight was operated by a cheap skate outfit called Vuelling and then again less than a week later on a flight to Madrid where the aircraft was in the livery of Iberia and the drinks cost an arm and a leg.

If you you advertised you were selling me an ounce of gold and then delivered an ounce of silver, then surly that would be a breach of contract and a transgression of the Trades Description Act wouldn’t it?
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