Worlds Most Sophisticated Coffee Cup

2 guys, and their crazy idea have come together to create the worlds most luxurious, sophisticated and beautiful coffee cup

Andreas Bös and Jonathan Strauss have always had a passion for coffee.
Now they focused their complementary skills and experience in luxury watchmaking, precision engineering and product innovation, combined with their appreciation of beauty, craftsmanship and noble materials, on designing what they describe as the perfect cup to drink coffee from.
Because each Deviehl cup has a special rubber retaining mechanism, ensuring a greater level of stability and avoiding spillage, it is ideal for use on superyachts or private jets!
25 separate components, optimised fluid dynamics, using technology used to design F1 cars, have been combined with the idea of creating the perfect crema.
Precision engineered, the design of the coffee cup ensures the perfect harmony of shape, size, height and width, to achieve the perfect coffee sensation.
Clever insulation, and the use of striking materials such as, carbon fibre, exotic woods, hydrophobic leathers have made this mug a must have for anyone who isn’t a Coffeephobe!
We have not yet held one, but we can imagine that the shape and form lead towards a more natural hold. What was once merely a taste experience now looks like becoming a tactile sensation at the same time.

The 7 cl cup pictured is made of Carbon fibre composite in a black high gloss finish with a silver colour coated fine porcelain inner liner.  This model retails at around £370 and is available in London from Harrods and William & Son in Mount Street, London.

They can also be purchased online