Now We Learn That Fitzroy Yachts is To Close

We were the first to break the news to the world that New Zealand based Fitzroy Yachts was to lay off most of its 120 workers.
But now it seems the news has become worse with the yard announcing it will close its doors next month.
New Plymouth-based Fitzroy Yachts, which employs around 120 people, made the widely-speculated decision yesterday after attempts to secure a new boat build failed.
Managing director Rodney Martin said “All of the jobs could go, there’s no more work for them here. We are talking about highly skilled people so I’m optimistic they will find new employment,”
The company has been in business for 15 years and is in the final stages of completing a 37.5m Dubois performance sloop, being built as FY17.
FY17 is With the yacht on schedule for completion on February 28 Martin said “Completing the build of FY17 to Fitzroy’s high standards is our priority.”

Martin said the company was still keen on keeping a scaled-back design and technology team and isn’t ruling anything out for the future.  But with New Zealand building four new super yachts, to Italy’s built 53 in 2012, he admitted, “Building in New Zealand and having to travel for two days to check in on your build’s progress is a deterrent.”