Fitzroy Yachts To Shed Manpower

Following the imminent completion of the 37.5m Dubois performance sloop FY17, Fitzroy Yachts is to shed a substantial number of employees.
Rodney Martin Managing Director of the New Zealand yacht builder has said its is, “Extremely regrettable, but not avoidable.”
In a statement just released he blames the effects of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and its impact on his firms new build order book and adds, “We are currently negotiating with the owner of FY17 a goodwill contribution to support the employees in the form of an incentive linked to a successful and timely completion of his yacht.”
The yard has a long history as one of the world’s leading sailing yacht builders, and has been the recipient of several significant awards.

The builder is extremely proud of our fleet of superyachts, and above all of the talented staff who bring these beautiful projects to reality.

Paying tribute to his staff Martin says, “Completing the build of FY17 to Fitzroy’s high standards is our priority, as is working with other local employers to try and find jobs for as many of the staff as we can. We are optimistic that with the labour market in New Plymouth, and the strong sense of community within the local business community, that many of our staff will be able to gain new employment. As their work attests, they are all highly skilled employees.”


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  1. This article was dated the day before all staff were notified that they were to be made redundant on the 28th February 2014. I find it very difficult to believe that the intention changed in one day…why make a statement to the press at all before staff had been notified. Respect for your loyal workers and complete honesty would have been appreciated.

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