Despite Yacht Murder St Lucia is Safe

Despite the boarding of a yacht where Roger Prat the 62 year old British skipper of the yacht Magnetic Attraction was killed defending his wife on St. Lucia in the Caribbean, the Tourism Minister Lorne Theophilus has stressed that the island remained a “relatively safe” place to visit.

St. Lucia authorities have said that Margaret his wife was injured during the attack late last Friday.

Details about the attack are still unclear.  Authorities said the boat was anchored near the city of Vieux Forte in the island’s southern region.

Margaret Pratt in her blog describes Vieux Forte as a One Horse Town and posts a picture (reproduced here without permission) to prove it.

It is not known whether other people were aboard the boat. 

Some reports claim that one of a gang of three suspected of the attack was shot dead by Police and the other two are in custody.

Other reports state that no one has been arrested, and the investigation is ongoing.

Tourism Minister Lorne Theophilus said Pratt’s wife is recovering from the attack. No further information was released, and police are not commenting further.