Watch Out for the Unmarked Ship Wreck off Vung Tau, Vietnam

Those superyacht Captains lucky enough to be cruising in south-east Asia, and specifically the approaches to the delightful city of Vung Tau in the Saigon River/Mekong area, need take note of advice issued to yachts managed by Watkins Superyachts

They have received a report from a commercial ship master of an unmarked wreck.

The wreck, a partially submerged ship, was sighted on 23 Dec 2013 in approximate position Lat. 10-17.7N Long. 107-03.00E.

Thus far, no NAVTEX message or T & P notice has been issued about this wreck.

Attached is a plot of the wreck’s approximate position and a photo taken from the reporting vessel.

All vessels proceeding to Vung Tau should exercise caution when navigating in this area. 

Captain Adrian McCourt the CEO of Watkins Superyachts advises us that Vung Tau was originally named Tam Thắng meaning “Three Boats”. 

We are guessing that there is only two now!